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A fulfilled life requires a modicum of dark chocolate, poetry, and decent cheese.

- from the squeakings of Yadav the Ayurvedic Vole


This is Bob Newman's home page. 

Bob lecturing at the Ivan Franko National University in L'viv, Ukraine

Latest news - Some of my bits are now included on a new Light Verse website you'll enjoy.

Several books of my poems are now available from Amazon in Kindle editions, including  Old Possum's Book of Practical Pigs. See Publications page for more information,

Poetry Zone

I maintain a site for HQ Poetry Magazine. The poets whose work appears on the site are listed here.

I also have a site devoted to Verse Forms. The titles of the poems on it are listed here. (These were all written by me.)

There's a parodies site called A Wild Garden of Verses.

And here's a poem by a former Poet Laureate that someone on a BBC messageboard was looking for several yonks ago.

Puzzles and Wordplay Zone

Crosswords coming soon. (Though I've been saying that for some time now...)

Printer's Devilry is here already. One page tells you how it works, and another contains your first set of puzzles: Devilled Fruit. The Devil's Tour of the UK is also ready for you. Already this is probably the biggest Printer's Devilry site on the entire web - there's famous for you! - but there's plenty more to come. Old Nick has had a severe attack of Wanderlust, and will shortly begin exploring the rest of the world. Nowhere is safe. (Well, maybe a few places, like Ljubljana and Szczecin. But he did manage to visit Pietermaritzburg!)

And there are some Language pages that may amuse you.

Vole Zone

The Vole Information Pages are currently gestating (though not very fast), and will appear eventually. These pages will be devoted to small furry animals such as Clethrionomys glareolus, so often and so easily underestimated and overlooked by those caught up in the rat race. 

Maths and Programming Zone

I'm playing around with tessellations and Javascript and stuff. I gave a paper about this at the 2004 conference of VIEWS, the UK SAS User Group. This way for  pretty patterns

Admin Zone

Here's a page of links.

And a page about how people find this site.

And the site history.

You can contact me here. (But if you use this address to send me  advertisements, I will ensure - by means I am not prepared to divulge - that you spend eternity in the innermost circle of Hell, the one where the victims are constantly deluged with spam while ravenous birds peck at their livers. You have been warned.) 

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